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Employee Testimonials


I was concerned about what was being used to clean and sanitize our break rooms and work areas, but I didn't want to be seen as a whistleblower. I asked my brother what they used at his workplace. He told me how toxic most of the products out there are and how a product called Xtreme is a much healthier option and does a fantastic job, I decided that I had to say something at my workplace.


The next day I filled out a suggestion form and wondered what would become of my idea. In a couple of days I received a response that was very positive. Since then, they contacted Xtreme Prevention and the rest is history. Whether we are spraying, fogging or mopping, Xtreme works great and myself and my coworkers couldn't be happier.     Brian S.


The chemicals we were using to clean and disinfect surfaces were causing me and a few of my coworkers to sneeze, cough and have mild respiratory distress. I took it upon myself to do some research to see what might be available that would minimize allergic reactions and breathing problems.

I contacted Xtreme Prevention. They told me that their multi-surface cleaner & disinfectant does an excellent job and that people with allergies have said that when they use Xtreme they do not have any allergic reactions or breathing problems. The people at Xtreme Prevention were extremely helpful. None of us had a negative experience and Xtreme is now all we use at my job. We were able to replace 6 different chemicals with Xtreme that we have been buying for years. I even ordered some for my house and we use it to clean and disinfect everything we can, including inside our car.     D.C. 

I manage environmental health at a local school. We started using Xtreme a couple of years ago, before COVID-19 was even a thought. We simply felt that for us to protect the health and safety of our staff and the children, we owed it to everyone to use a non-toxic chemistry to clean our classrooms, cafeteria, lockers, bathrooms, offices, common areas, gyms and busses.

Our school has been open now for quite some time and I am happy to report that no one has contracted the virus at our school. Teachers and students both feel safe, cared for and we have experienced an increase in attendance.    Cheryl J.

I have not felt comfortable or safe using glyphosate based products for quite some time. My city recently switched chemicals and started using Glypho-Ban, which is glyphosate free. 


This product is safe to use and does not harm people or the fish in our ponds. Please don't take chances with your health or the health of your employees. Make the switch Glypho-Ban as soon as y0u can. Why risk anyone's long term health.   Jon T. 

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