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Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Dr. Sheila O'Halloran studied the human musculoskeletal and nervous system extensively, for over 10 years. During the next 13 years, Dr. Sheila treated thousands of injured workers in her clinic, located in the SF Bay Area.

After seeing so many workers, from all types of industries suffer from back injuries, back and neck pain, and witnessing the effects on their families and livelihoods, she decided it was time to open a new chapter in her professional life. It troubled her greatly, because she knew that almost every injury or pain syndrome could have been prevented. If people knew the basics of their own anatomy and were given an opportunity to learn and apply these lessons and skills in their lives, at work and home, there would be so much less pain, suffering and loss. 

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A Pioneer

Dr. Sheila started receiving calls from a variety of employers, asking her if she could come to their workplaces and teach their employees her secrets of success. Dr. Sheila created her first ergonomics, injury and illness prevention training program in 1997, before anyone was even using the word ergonomics. The results of training were so effective, she eventually sold her practice in 2000 and made prevention her new full-time career.

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Our Programs:
What they have evolved into...

Over the years, the Accurate Ergonomics (AE) training programs have developed into a proactive and sustainable training system. One of the most successful musculoskeletal injury prevention programs available. Today, the P.O.W.E.R.™ training program for all active occupations, along with P.A.U.S.E.™ for Prevention training for at-desk occupations, have been implemented in almost every major industry, with every client and workforce achieving substantial positive results.


Our Commitment

If your organization is seeking solutions that address the challenges of today and tomorrow, we salute you for being proactive. If you are a CEO, GM, HR or Safety Manager that is looking for a highly effective ergonomics and injury prevention training program, designed to reduce risk and eliminate at-risk behaviors, improve human efficiency, prevent loss and eliminate costly injuries - look no further, you are in the right place.


Team Accurate promises to deliver effective, relevant and affordable solutions for your organization, and to help your company build a healthy, injury-free workforce and sustainable bottom-line profits.

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Accurate Ergonomics Today

Over the years Accurate Ergonomics has grown and so has our training and solutions library. What started out as a small business focused on solutions for physical jobs, has now grown into Team Accurate. A network of healthcare, injury prevention and safety specialists.


From 2000 to 2014 training was delivered 100% by AE specialists.


In 2014, AE added an entire training program for all at-desk occupations.


In 2015, AE made a decision to transform our training programs into an online training academy, so we added designers, content writers and a professional photographer to the team. This option allows internal company stakeholders, trainers and supervisors a way to integrate positive outcomes into the daily lives of their workforce and to take daily ownership of the process and the outcomes, by taking a series of train-the-trainer courses and earning AE Certificates.


One of the latest upgrades to our training system was building the AE Online LMS platform. Now we can set up a company so that it can completely manage training internally. This allows company Group Leaders the ability to assign courses, select from classroom style courses or individual learning courses, track progress, quiz and test scores and much more.


In 2017, AE designed a virtual ergonomics assessments process, including symptomatic assessments. Today we have a team of specialists who stand ready and able to assist employees wherever they work.

In 2020, AE added a COVID-19 Infectious Disease Control & Best Practices course, a remote workers course, plus courses for families and children that are learning from home.


In 2020, due to the abundance of unhealthy and potentially harmful chemicals being utilized to clean surfaces and disinfect areas, AE opened a new company featuring a "Best in Class," Antimicrobial Multi-Surface Cleaning & Disinfectant Solution to our illness prevention solutions. Xtreme saves time, money and works better than most other technologies. The name of the new company is Xtreme Prevention.

The newest additions to our education and training system are new payment options. Today, clients can buy courses, do-it-yourself packages, or purchase a subscription plan, based on the number of employees. This gives a client the ultimate experience of having access to every course they select to include: new hire trainings any day and any time, free annual updates, new courses as they become available, discounts on over 100 custom deliverables, priority scheduling, blog posts, tweets, newsletters and more.

In 2021 Xtreme Prevention added Air Purifiers, Sanitizers, UV Lights, Robots & More, for both commercial and home use. Hotels, Churches, Classrooms, Hospitals, Warehouses, Gyms, Medical Offices, All Large and Small Spaces.

Check Back Anytime to See What’s New!

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