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Glypho-Ban GC60

Ground Clear Formula

Glyphosate Free Broad Spectrum Weed & Grass Killer

Glypho-Ban is Safer than products that use glyphosate and is “EXEMPT” from FIFRA Registration under the Code of Federal Regulations, section 25 (b).

Xtreme Prevention is leading the way in pioneering safe yet effective chemistries to replace commonly used herbicides that contain the active ingredient glyphosate. While it is well known that sanitizers, disinfectants and traditional herbicides must be registered with the EPA’s Pesticide and Herbicide division, Glypho-Ban GC60 is “EXEMPT” from FIFRA Registration under the Code of Federal Regulations, section 25 (b).


With all of the lawsuits that have surfaced surrounding glyphosate based herbicides (glyphosate is the chemical in some popular herbicides that is the issue), many Counties, Cities, and even entire Countries have already banned and continue to ban products that contain glyphosate.

Finally, a safe, effective and powerful non-selective herbicide is available, that contains NO GLYPHOSATE and kills to the root. Glypho-Ban GC60 is an immediate solution that lowers the health and financial exposure of your workforce and organization to glyphosate based products.

Glypho-Ban is non-hazardous, safe to use and has the strength necessary to kill and control a broad spectrum of weeds and grasses.

Before & After Example

1-BEFORE 1-1 RATIO.jpg

Applied at 12:30 pm

1-AFTER 1-1 RATIO.jpg

After 2 Hours (2:30 pm) 

Employees, visitors and families deserve to have confidence that their environment is safe from dangerous chemicals that could negatively affect their health.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast-Acting Kill Time

  • ​Non-Hazardous & Safe to Use

  • Ground Clear Formula 

  • Non-Specific & Kills to the Root

  • Direct Replacement for Herbicides that Depend on Glyphosate

  • May Be Diluted (See Label)

  • FIFRA Minimum Risk Exempt Formulation

  • Safe to Spray Around Ponds & Lakes - Will Not Harm Fish

  • Lower Insurance Rates Possible

  • Made in the USA

Glypho-Ban GC60 Applications

  • Counties • Cities • States & Countries that Have Successfully Banned Glyphosate

  • Organizations Looking to Avoid Costly Legal Battles

  • Schools • Sports & Athletics Fields

  • Golf Courses • College & University Campuses

  • Hotels • Shopping Centers • Public Parks

  • Manufacturing & Production Facilities

  • Facilities Managers • Office Building Grounds • Strip Malls

  • Water Agencies • Public Works

  • Gas Stations • Rest Stops • Around Public Rest Rooms

  • Campgrounds • Dog Parks 

  • Railways • Cemeteries • Equine Facilities

  • Vegetation Management Professionals

  • Groundskeepers • Landscapers • Gardeners 

  • Residential Homes • Apartment Complexes

  • Mobile Home Parks

Patented Technology that Kills & Controls Weeds without Glyphosate

Glypho-Ban GC60 is available in 5 gallons (2-2.5 gallon totes), 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes. 

Glypho-Ban 2-5 gal jug website label.jpg
Glypho-Ban 2-5 gal jug website label.jpg
Glypho-Ban 55 Gal Drum web label.jpg
Glypho-Ban 275 tote web label.jpg

To Order Call: 1-866-755-2321


"Protecting People & The Planet!"

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Made in the USA!

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