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Reduce the Cost of Cleaning & Disinfecting Hotel Guest Rooms and All Spaces

The Challenge

The intense focus on COVID-19 protection has pulled the focus away from other Health and Safety responsibilities, including those related to ergonomics and preventing costly injuries. These need to remain a priority as it is the responsibility of every employer to protect employees from ergonomic risks, hazards, illnesses & injuries (OSHA: IIPP 3203 / MIPP 3345 / RMI 5110).

Returning Associates to work and hiring new essential workers amid COVID-19, is causing stress for both employers and employees with questions like these:

  • How can we safely reopen and stay open?

  • What procedures do we need to put into place or improve?

  • How can we ensure safe practices and safe behaviors are being followed, whether an Associate is making a bed or disinfecting a guest room?

  • How can we compensate for the cost and time to clean and disinfect guest rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms & more?

The cost to clean and disinfect hotel guest rooms and other surfaces and spaces has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic and new regulations. With the increasing number viruses in the world, these new procedures and protocols will last for years, if not forever.

Some hotels report a 50% increase in the time needed to clean a guest room, from 30 to 45 minutes. The choice for hoteliers is to raise room rates, clean fewer rooms per housekeeper or hire more employees.

The best way to offset these costs is to increase human efficiency around every task, and utilize the most effective disinfection solution on the market with the most efficient cleaning protocols.

Seconds quickly turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours, so every second counts.

Hoteliers and Associates are affected in different ways. Hotels need to manage resources in a balanced manner, one that protects the health and safety of their workforce, guests and the hotel's bottom-line. At the same time, Associates feel and react to the pressure to produce, whether stated or not.

The nature of all human beings is to take shortcuts and rush in order to complete a task or a guest room in a given time. These conditions are a set-up for costly injuries to occur, today and tomorrow. The average cost of each soft-tissue is $60,000 (OSHA).

The cost of maintaining a workforce is also rising.

This occurs in many interconnected areas, such as: turnover, hiring, training, absenteeism, morale, job satisfaction, Workers’ Compensation claims, and presenteeism - "Being on the clock, but not productive due to fatigue, pain or other health challenges."

Presenteeism alone costs more than $125,000 a year, for every 50 employees. Add this to the average cost of injuries and the loss is approximately $4.00 per hour, per employee. In a workforce with 100 employees that represents an "annual loss" of $800,000.00!


Increased stress, fatigue and at-risk/unsafe behaviors while performing tasks is proven to lead to increases in expensive Musculoskeletal Disorders (think backs, necks, shoulders, wrists and knee injuries).

If you want to be shocked, just ask Associates at your next meeting to raise their hands if they have experienced any back or shoulder pain in the last 30 days?

Every raised hand is a leading indicator of a future injury - a costly claim, legal fees and OSHA fines.

Hotels have a lot on their plate with reopening and hiring new Associates, and OSHA is not just looking at plans and reports. In addition to the fairly new regulations around the prevention of Hotel Musculoskeletal Injuries (T8 §3345 - aka the MIPP), which many hotels were struggling to fully comply with before the pandemic, OSHA is also one of the agencies in charge of enforcing COVID-19 regulations.

OSHA has hired many new inspectors.

OSHA is significantly increasing their number inspections and fines can be very expensive...

The Solution

Hotels must do what is necessary to safely increase human efficiency and task performance, and reduce the time and energy required to complete every task.

This will create the time needed to handle PPE, clean, disinfect and finish every assignment - every shift.

Click here to learn about Xtreme Treatment Compound, a Best-in-Class, Non-Toxic, Antimicrobial Multi-Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant. This patented chemistry works better (Inactivates the COVID virus in 30 seconds), lasts longer (Keeps Killing for 4 Days), and protects your people, wildlife and the planet.

Think about the economic course correction your hotel could make if efficiency and productivity increased 5%, 10% or more - and losses from injuries were cut by 50%- 90%. These are the success metrics that every owner and manager wants to achieve.

It takes more than a 10 minute video or a 30 minute training session to reduce risk, improve efficiency and achieve sustainable positive results in performance and prevention. It takes a proven hospitality education and skills training program, coupled with a with an easy to use system that ensures long term success.

Accurate Ergonomics offers the best training programs available for every hotel and every Associate: Housekeepers, Housepersons, Laundry & Lobby Attendants, Uniformed Services, Front-Desk, Sales & More (Housekeeper Training includes Spanish language options).

Less time is needed to clean each room with healthy, energy saving skills and behaviors.

"Every hotel that implements the Accurate Ergonomics Hotel P.O.W.E.R. Training Program experiences improved Associate health and safety, increased efficiency (productivity), and a significant reduction in risk and costly injuries."


Take full advantage of this window of opportunity to improve the health and skills of your returning workforce, every new hire, plus team members who are working remotely.

  • Associates feel better and produce more, every shift

  • Own the skills and behaviors needed to maintain their own health and safety

  • Know that you care about each of them as people, as well as their productivity

  • Have greater loyalty to your hotel and brand

  • Receive the education and training they need to be more efficient and save time

  • Prevent costly and painful injuries

  • Prevent negative health outcomes from toxic chemical exposure

  • Eliminate damage to porous and non-porous surfaces

  • Pass an OSHA inspection (MIPP / COVID and more)

  • Add lasting value to your Hotel & Guest Experience

Services & Solutions

  • COVID-19 Risk & Hazard Assessments & Action Plans

  • IIPP/MIPP Risk & Hazard Assessments & Mock OSHA Inspections

  • Best-in-Class non-toxic solutions for COVID-19 & more!

  • COVID-19 Infectious Disease Control Best Practices Training Course

  • MIPP Essentials Training for Housekeeping Associates & Supervisors

  • P.O.W.E.R. Training for All other Physical Hotel Jobs

  • Health, Ergonomics & Injury Prevention Training for Office, Admin & Front Desk

  • Online Learning & Classroom Training (Easily Delivered by Your Staff)

  • On-Site & Live Webinar Training Options

  • Train-the-Trainer Programs

  • Do-it-Yourself Packages

  • Compliance & Sustainability Packages

  • Remote/Virtual Assessments & Courses for At-Home Employees

  • Tele-Health and Tele-Ergonomics, with Personal Coaching


Let our team show your team how to accomplish your hotel's current and future health & safety goals, plus ensure you are in compliance with OSHA/CDC COVID-19 and MIPP regulations (Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program), today and every day.

Our new subscription model gives you: 24/7 access to the courses your managers, trainers, supervisors and workforce needs, free annual updates and new courses, new hire training any day or time, discounts on over 100 deliverables, packages and more.


Xtreme Prevention and Accurate Ergonomics will help your hotel reopen, stay open, minimize risk and loss, and maximize your profits year over year. That's our specialty!

See Hotel Training Offerings or contact us today!

1.866.755.2321 - 1.866.950.ERGO (3746)

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