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Air Purifier Sterilizer Sanitizer with UV Light

Use in places that can not be cleaned during the business hours and even homes that require continuous air cleaning. Continuously cleans the air and sterilizes it for germs.  A must-have for places that are open to customers and visitors.


The air flows through the UV light 1st, then gets further sanitized by the filter system. The UV light not only filters the air, but also serves as a sanitizer for the filter, by assuring all the items that get trapped in the filter are continuously exposed to the UV light. Therefore, it is not just a matter of them passing through the light, but getting trapped by the filter and continuously getting their dose of the light. After this intense process, it moves through the ion generator.  The ion generator zaps the remaining particles with a negative chart, which dismantles any leftover germs.


This is serious sterilizing technology that is also used in the following places, where only the best is accepted:


  • Hospital emergency room, operating room, infusion room, delivery room, baby room, intensive care unit, general ward, medical room, supply room, dispensing room, ambulances and air disinfection of indoor space such as pharmaceutical, food, enterprise, and public places.
  • Class II environment: General operating room, delivery room, infant room, premature baby room, general protective isolation room, sterile supply room, burn units and intensive care units.
  • Class III environment: Pediatric ward, obstetrics, and gynecology examination room, injection room, dressing change room, supply room cleaning area, emergency room, laboratory, various general wards, and rooms.
  • Class IV environment: Infectious diseases department and wards.

Air Purifier Sterilizer Sanitizer with UV Light

SKU: Mobile-Ultraviolet-air-sterilizer
  • Description

    Function: Sanitizing UVC light with air filters
    Coverage: 35,000 cubic feet per hour (1,000 cubic meter)
    Sterilization rate: 99 Percent – See results here.
    Housing Material: Stainless Steel
    Color: White
    Voltage: 110
    Size: 38.58X20.86X14.96 Inch
    Weight: 31.96 lbs
    Remote: Included, but not needed for operation.
    Warranty: 1 year parts and labor. If we can’t fix it, we will replace it.

    In addition to the UVC and the ionizer sterilization, this air sterilizer has 2 Merv 13 filters that continuously clean the air.  These filters provide these additional benefits:
    • Charged fibers
    • Exceed LEED®/Green requirements of MERV 13 filtering efficiency
    • 100% recyclable paperboard frame

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