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Heavy Duty Stainless Steel UVC Lamp

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel UVC Lamp


Made to outlast any other lamp available. All Stainless Steel construction.
150 Watt light bulb 185-253.7NM ozone-producing bulb included


Non-ozone bulbs also available, but can not be substituted (Purchase Seperately).

– UV
Ultraviolet radiation only along a straight line, can not effectively eliminate the barrier. The hindrance behind the fungus mites, there is a certain dead Angle, work After a slight smell, ventilation is needed for about 10 minutes.


– Ozone free application
Bedroom, living room, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, and other places, as well as home. For the elderly, children, and pregnant women, odor-less is recommended Oxygen disinfection lamp.


– UV + Ozone
Ozone is a gas that can effectively jump over obstacles. Make up for ultraviolet radiation less than the place more dead corners Less, after work the smell is strong, need to ventilate at least half an hour.


– Ozone applicable
A place with heavy odor, such as a newly decorated house or kitchen Room, toilet, pet room, restaurant, KTV, hotel, etc Place. Use of ozone when people are not at home sterilization elimination.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel UVC Lamp

SKU: Heavy-Duty-Stainless
  • Description

    Model Heavy-Duty-Stainless Steel
    Wattage 150w
    Body material 9.05*8.66*40.15Inch
    Plug type  USA/EUR plug
    Input Voltage AC110/220V
    Control mode  remote control
    Wavelength 253.7nm with Ozone
    Materials Iron
    Timing control  15’/30’/60′
    Function  Disinfection, mildew, odor removal, removal of formaldehyde, removal of insects, prevention of influenza
    Applicable area  about 150 square meters
    Applicable places  home, school, kindergarten, hospital, office, hotel
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