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Triple Threat System

The new ABS plastic luxury disinfection sprayer Gun is beautiful, convenient, and practical. It uses the market-leading screen button upgrade system and also has automatic power-off protection. 


  • Steam, UV and Disinfectant for the ultimate sanitation on hard touch surfaces.

  • High Temp 300-degree heat.

  • UV light injection in the container means that the water or disinfectant in the bottle is sterilized even before it is used. 

  • More UV lights in the front further help in sterilizing the surface that you are cleaning.

  • Disinfectant in the container.

  • High-temperature disinfection technology.

  • Specifications:

  • Type: Sprayers
    Sprayer Type: Trigger
    Material: Plastic
    Plastic Type: ABS
    Usage: Disinfection & Cleaning
    Power: 1300w
    Size: 11.22*9.64*2.63 Inches
    Weight: 3.35 lbs.
    Voltage: 110v AC
    Water bottle capacity: 350ml
    Color: Light blue
    – Multi-gear adjustment – 5 modes!
    – Powerful cooling system
    – Large capacity water bottle
    – Five blue light beads

Triple Threat System

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