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What is the Best Way to Disinfect?

Xtreme may be applied with a sponge, sprayed or mopped on a surface. You may spray or mist surfaces, wait 30 seconds. or simply allow to air dry. When spraying or misting a surface or room, Xtreme will dry in a few minutes. Xtreme can also be used in mop buckets, laundry machines and power washers.    

Because most facilities have a mix of materials, people often choose electrostatic cold sprayers, that are Ultra Low Volume (ULV). The sprayers we sell at XP are electrostatic and some include patent pending Aerostatic technology. 

Why electrostatic? Because the ultra-fine charged mist surrounds and clings to nearly every type of surface and disinfects quickly as it dries. Regardless of the material, it can disinfect everything from floor to ceiling. Misting (aka fogging) uses much less solution than a spray bottle, making it safer and more cost effective. Electrostatic sprayers produce a smaller diameter spray than foggers. Foggers are typically 15-60 μm (microns, metric units). Electrostatic sprayers have a 10-30  μm size.  Smaller droplets remain longer in the correct range for optimal suspension. 


The CDC and OSHA recommend having a plan in place for disinfection and for what to do in case of exposure at your facility. Xtreme should be a part of your plan to keep your business open, because of the minimal hazards, precautionary statements and minimal PPE related to Xtreme are much less than most other chemicals and products.


Electrostatic application is widely accepted as the best choice for quick and effective protection. In fact, this type of disinfecting can be up to 8 times more effective than wiping. We have been successfully using it in industrial settings, schools, offices, medical facilities, hotels, public transportation and more for many years.

What is Electrostatic Spraying?

Electrostatic spraying started in the 1930s as a method of applying a cleaner, disinfectant, or other type of liquid. It is essentially the process of turning a liquid into aerosols (very small particles suspended in air). An electrode inside the sprayer gives a positive charge to each particle so that they are attracted to surfaces. The charging of the particles is the critical difference between electrostatic spray and a spray from a spray bottle. It also produces a finer mist than most other methods, meaning the particles travel further and coat more evenly.


The positively charged mist created by the sprayer clings onto surfaces, objects, and hard to reach areas which are grounded, or negatively charged. The attraction on an atomic level creates a powerful coating, unlike a traditional sprayer or mister, plus the charge plays another, less obvious role in dispersal. The mist not only adheres to negatively charged surfaces, it is actually repelled by surfaces already coated (similar to how the poles of magnets interact). The repelled mist is then pushed outward towards more, un-coated surfaces instead.

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What's the Benefit of Electrostatic/Aerostatic Application?

There isn’t a more effective or efficient way to disinfect right now than to use a electrostatic sprayer (mister). 

The benefits of this type of application is the charged droplets (mist) will seek out the target surface and be drawn to and surround that surface rather than landing on the floor or drifting in the air. 

The additional benefit is a more efficient delivery of the fluid, treatment is delivered in less time and with a more consistent spray of fluid. All of which results in cost savings due to more efficient labor and supplies.

#1 It’s Fast

Disinfection is fast and covers large areas quickly. The fine mist blankets every surface, without having to wipe. In fact, this type of application is more than 50% faster than traditional disinfection methods.


#2 It’s Safe

This type if disinfection has been shown to be safe for all types of facilities. Plus, it uses less liquid than traditional spraying and wiping methods. The secret lies in the tiny electrically charged particles. Similarly to magnets that repel like-poles, the individual particles repel each other because they are all positively charged. This causes the mist to scatter further and avoids double coverage on surfaces. The fine mist quickly disinfects as it is drying, then it is safe to touch.


#3 It’s Cost Effective

Because application is so fast and uses less product than other methods, it is extremely cost effective. You might just be surprised at how affordable it is.


#4 It Puts Your Mind At Ease

Even the best cleaning staff is subject to mistakes. When you have to wipe down every surface, it’s easy to miss a spot or for people to take a shortcut. With Electrostatic disinfection, you can be sure that you are getting consistent coverage every single time. Your employees and customers will have peace of mind knowing that your place of business is regularly and thoroughly disinfected.


#5 It’s Highly Effective

Not only does electrostatic disinfecting save you time and money, it’s also up to 8 times more effective against germs than wiping. The positively charged spray clings tightly to surfaces and disinfects quickly.

As you can see, the benefits of an electrostatic disinfection application makes it the perfect choice for your business or facility heading into cold and flu season and beyond, in addition to Covid-19. We understand the stress that employers and employees have been under during the past year or more, trying to keep your workplace open and as healthy and as safe as possible.


We are happy to explain more about Xtreme and/or our electrostatic cold fogger to make sure you are 100% confident in your choice of products and treatments.

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