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Face recognition and thermal detection terminal kiosk - by Warden
Instantly detects people (mask or no mask) & reads skin temperature.
Used in schools, government buildings, small to large companies & anywhere security & safety is needed.
Can be used in aisles, gates, desks, doorways & any controlled entrance or area.
Automates detection & record keeping with accuracy to save thousands in wasted labor costs.


Quick Facts:

  • High DPI touch screen with touch-less face & temp detection.

  • Infrared cam provides industry-leading accuracy.

  • Wireless connection to PC & network – ethernet, WiFi & bluetooth.

  • Records info on all of your devices, including it’s own hard drive.

  • Built-in access ID card reader, 4G & NFC support & CNF support.

  • Fast processor provides fast 1-second detection.

  • Recognizes & stores 30,000 faces.

  • Video & voice call between your pc & kiosk terminal.

  • Customizable, you can even add your logo.

  • Lots of methods to connect. See the picture of the cables above.

  • Built-in alarm – turn on or off as needed.

  • Temperature range: 22°F-113 °F.

  • Touch-less face and temp detection.

  • Recognition distance: >= 0.5 meters / 20 inches Inch.

  • 1-year warranty


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