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Bacteria Disinfection Robot

Produces disinfectant gas inside the robot’s internal disinfection system, uses the robot’s spray system to spread the disinfectant quickly in the indoor space, increase the coverage and uniformity of disinfection, and effectively kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the air effectively and without killing corners.


At the same time, it also increases the disinfection function of ultraviolet rays to further enhance the disinfection ability. The UV Sterilizing Robot can automatically, efficiently, and accurately disinfect and prevent the indoor epidemic according to the set route.

The UV Sterilizing Robot is an efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection product.


As the most effective disinfection method for bacteria, the government has the obvious advantages of high efficiency, broad-spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance, and no secondary pollution. It can be used in hospitals, shopping mall centers, restaurants, subway cars, nursing homes, kindergartens, schools, and other places.

  • Automatically start disinfection within the specified time

  • The battery life is about 6 hours

  • Automatically re-charging when the power goes low

  • VSLAM + laser SLAM flexibly match stable operation

  • Remote automated deployment, convenient and efficient 

  • Can be linked with the ladder control system, work across floors, more worry-free

Intelligent UV disinfection lamp, efficient, safe and pollution-free

  • 6 pcs ultraviolet lamps can effectively kill more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the environment, effectively reducing the risk of cross-infection.

  • Remote control, custom working hours, automatic disinfection tasks at a specified time, free of setup, and maintenance.

  • Autonomous path planning, real-time data monitoring to avoid the problem of disinfection failure caused by attenuation of irradiation intensity.

  • Intelligent sensor design, add a human body sensor inside the robot, when someone approaches, automatically stop ultraviolet disinfection.


Rated Power: 300-400W
Voltage: 37v
Application: HOME, MEDICAL, Hotel, Office
Portable: Yes
Light Source: LED
wavelength(nm): 254
Application Area(㎡): 300
Switch Mode: Remote Control
Type: Ultraviolet sterilization equipment
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: White
Size: 14 Inch * 21 Inch * 53 Inch

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To Order Call: 1-866-755-2321


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