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Germicidal Lamp
Economy UVC Light 150 Watt
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Professional 150W UVC Ozone Sterilizer With Ultraviolet Sanitizing Eliminator Germicidal Lamp UVC Light

Remote Control


UVC lamp sterilizing trolley

1. Input Voltage: AC110V
2. Light source: Germicidal UVC Lamp w/ozone
3. IP grade: IP20
4. Plug type: USA optional
5. Control: remote control
6. Third gear timing: 0-120′ timing
7. Wavelength: 185nm with Ozone
8. Material: full metal
9. Application area: 40-150 sq. m㎡ (400-1,600+/- sq. ft.)
10. Application, place: Family/Hospital/Kindergarten/Hotel/Beauty Salon/Pet Shop/School, etc.


Lamp with UVC ozone bulb included


Dimensions: 40″ H , 9.5″ W , 9.5″ L

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To Order Call: 1-866-755-2321


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