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Kiosk for Temperature and Hand Cleaning
Kiosk-Temperature-Cleaning Magic

Temperature and hand cleaning kiosk with facial recognition & temperature detection.


Thermometer.  Wifi.  Touchless.

Usage Scenario – Main entrance and exit.

The intelligent temperature measuring machine can be installed in the main entrances of crowded places such as enterprises, schools, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, banks, government halls, etc., to monitor the temperature of employees, customers, and visitors in real time, effectively helping to prevent epidemics.

Functional features: facial recognition to measure the temperature, based on infrared thermal imaging technology, using an imported infrared sensor and 2-megapixel binocular live wide dynamic camera, face recognition within a distance of 7.87 inch-19.68 inch while collecting body temperature.

It works even if you wear a mask on your face, better prevent cross-infection.


Kiosk-Temperature-Cleaning Magic

To Order Call: 1-866-755-2321


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