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Employee Engagement During COVID-19

Employee engagement is at 32% in the U.S.

Employees who are at home waiting to return to work, as well as those who are currently able to work from home (and may continue to work remotely in the future), are not as engaged as employers want and need them to be.


Many companies have found that harnessing high level employee engagement, when combined with practical mental and physical skills, leads to great results, such as:

  • 85% or higher reduction in costly soft-tissue injuries

  • Reduced illnesses, absenteeism and turnover

  • Increased awareness, employee & team morale

  • Elevated safety & prevention culture

We’ve all probably heard that when managers and supervisors engage employees by being proactive rather than passive, employees are more likely to recall and apply the best health & safety methods, participate in initiatives and are more likely to make useful suggestions.

Absenteeism is a key metric when measuring engagement.

Engaging employees in their personal health & safety is essential when workers are doing tasks that aren’t closely supervised, such as working from home or working out in the field where many cumulative trauma and habits form.

Want to achieve breakthroughs in longstanding, nagging health & safety problems?

Engage employees now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Show them that you care about their health & safety, then upon returning to work, utilize AE's follow up strategies and continue building on engagement levels.


Accurate Ergonomics (AE) offers integrated Health, Illness and Injury Prevention Courses that are easy to deliver and produce positive, sustainable results.

  • P.A.U.S.E. for Prevention - Courses for At-Desk Professionals

  • P.O.W.E.R Training - Courses for Employees with Physical Jobs

Courses are engaging, motivational and are packed with content and new skills that have been proven to change the habits and behaviors of employees.

Courses can be taken online while at work, or from the comfort and safety of an employee's home. Upon returning to work, every lesson and skill is transferred to their job. In addition, AE's full training system and process guarantees continuous engagement and improvements in prevention-based behaviors.


If you would like more information, or desire to deliver online or virtual training classes to your workforce, contact Accurate Ergonomics at 1.866.950.3746 or email

Our trainers and course designers are healthcare and ergonomics professionals.

As always, be well,

Team Accurate

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