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Protecting People and the Environment is Good for Business

Protecting People & The Planet

As the world is realizing, the dangers of germs and viruses are virtually everywhere. This makes it more important today and in the future to clean and disinfect regularly and thoroughly.

To protect your company, your hard working and valuable employees, and everyone around you, we recommend that you utilize Xtreme Treatment Compound. Our all-in-one, non-toxic antimicrobial multi-surface cleaning & disinfection solution, that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and inhibits the grown of viruses that can be spread throughout the air or on surfaces - including he actual COVID-19 virus.

Xtreme is a highly concentrated solution that safely replaces toxic and corrosive chemistries which are commonly used today, many of which also leave behind harmful residues.

Xtreme is extremely versatile for multiple water treatment applications, including algae control, odor abatement, the destruction of odor causing bacteria on both food contact and non-food contact surfaces, the removal of mold and mildew from surfaces like decks and patios, and the elimination of micro-organisms which have been proven infectious to animals.

Xtreme works better (30 sec. kill time), lasts longer (keeps killing for 4 days), is non-toxic (healthier) and does not damage non-porous or porous surfaces.

Xtreme's patented antimicrobial technology offers a high level of protection by continuously inhibiting the growth of microbes (viruses and germs) on surfaces for long periods of time.

The broad spectrum performance and non-toxic ingredients of Xtreme's antimicrobial solution makes it perfect for use in normal and hygiene-critical environments, such as: schools, hospitals, hotels, businesses, offices, home and commercial kitchens, Chiropractic, Dental & Medical offices, Veterinarian Clinics, public transportation, and more.

Xtreme can be Sprayed, Fogged, Mopped or Wiped on Surfaces.

Xtreme will not harm health equipment or electronics and is safe to use in hospitals, hotels, offices, nursing homes, schools, churches, public transportation, etc. It can be used in many applications, from your home to your business, even inside your car. The material will not harm or discolor upholstery or dashboards like commonly sold disinfectants.

When fogging with Xtreme there is Zero Reentry Time! No need to close early, no need to stay out of a room for 20 or 30 minutes, or several hours with some chemicals.

Our team of Environmental Health & Safety experts, Licensed Healthcare Practitioners and some of the best formulators in the world of chemistry, highly recommend that you use Xtreme.

Xtreme is a "Best-in-Class," healthy alternative for your employees, guests, customers, students, and the environment.

Contact us to place your order.

Xtreme Prevention

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