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Taking Care of Hospitality Associates is Critical During the Coronavirus & Beyond

Utilize this opportunity to improve the skills of your workforce.

Prevention and being proactive versus reactive in how you care for the health and safety of your Associates, can never again be overlooked. The cost is too high! Now more than ever, employees need to have the tools and skills necessary to take personal responsibility, to maintain their health, productivity and remain injury-free.

This business slowdown is a golden opportunity to give your Associates the education and training they need - and OSHA requires. This strategy applies to every employee, whether they are part of a core group who remains on the job, those who are currently working from home, Associates who are at home waiting to return to work, and all new hires.

Strategic thinking hoteliers will take advantage of this opportunity, knowing that when business turns around, their properties will have high occupancy rates again and scheduling training, whether mandatory or optional will become more challenging.

For most hotels, fall and winter are the best times to train on employees on prevention. Since awareness has been greatly elevated due to COVID-19, your Associates are much more open to receiving helpful information and skills on how to protect themselves from illnesses and injuries.

As business picks up, you will be glad you took this opportunity to improve employee engagement, health, efficiency and much more. Associates will feel better, feel cared for, have greater loyalty and have the training they need to be more the best employee possible. The right type of training makes every Associate more valuable to your hotel.

Accurate Ergonomics offers proven solutions that will keep your Associates Healthy & Safe, today and tomorrow.

Click here to learn about AE's Hotel Training Solutions. Courses may be taken at work or from the comfort of home. We offer online courses that are designed for all Housekeeping Department Associates, as well as Administrative, Sales and Accounting personnel.

Housekeeping, houseperson, lobby and laundry attendant training and course deliverables are available in Spanish,


Create a Culture of Prevention & Retention

Recent publications have included many articles about the current labor shortage in the hospitality industry. These articles are not exaggerations as hoteliers worldwide are struggling to hire and retain qualified employees.

Money and benefits may attract workers, but the reason most team members choose to leave their positions is often because they do not feel appreciated, taken care of or they feel disconnected from management.

Consider the importance of a strong Culture of Prevention as a means to retain staff. The current generation of workers value a healthy work/life balance, which is something the hospitality industry has struggled to provide in the past. Developing a healthy and injury-free home and work environment and a Culture of Prevention, will set you apart from your competition by attracting and retaining quality Associates.


Taking Advantage of Low Occupancy

With high occupancy rates, some Hoteliers postpone OSHA mandated training. If you have been putting off effective and compliant training, now is the time to fulfill that mission, as well as prevent future OSHA fines.

Contact us at 1.866.950.3746 or email, to learn more about our Remote Employee Services and our special Business-2-Business pricing. This is our way of supporting fellow businesses in California and throughout the United States, during these challenging times.


#Prevention Matters

Accurate Ergonomics has specialized in employee health, injury prevention and human efficiency for over 35 years. We help both employers and their workforce develop a sustainable Culture of Prevention, at home and work. Health is 24/7 and we are all personally responsible for our own health and safety.

Our integrated health, wellness, ergonomics and injury prevention training courses and system will help your Associates: improve and maintain their health and fitness for this demanding job, increase human efficiency, reduce fatigue & discomfort, stay engaged and prevent costly injuries.


The information contained in this post is intended for general information purposes only and is based on information available as of the date of this blog post. No representation is made that the information or references are complete or remain current. This post is not a substitute for review of the current applicable government regulations and standards specific to your location and business activity, and should not be construed as legal advice or opinion. Readers with specific questions should refer to the applicable standards or consult with an attorney.

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