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Compact Air Purifier

Air Purifier/Sterilizer - This powerful compact air cleaner cleans and kills germs with 3 methods – UVC light, Hepa Filter and Ionizer.


If you are worried about the air virus filled air, then this is your answer. Ideal for rooms and even houses.  Don’t let the size fool you.  This is an amazingly well-built machine.  Full support and all the parts like filters and lights are available.


Wide range of applications. No common areas should ever go without one.

Negative ion air purifiers are used in various industries, such as hospital air sterilization and purification, school classroom dust and haze removal, kitchen and bathroom deodorization, new house decoration and formaldehyde removal, office removal of second-hand smoke, and other fields. And now popular in any common area that the virus may be of concern.

Compact Air Purifier

SKU: Air-Sterilizer-Compact
  • Description

    Package content: Air purifier with the uv light and filter installed. Remote (with battery) and power cord.
    Package size: 26.37X15.15X9.84 inch
    Single gross weight: 35.27 lbs

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