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UVC Germicidal Lamp with Ozone



Now you can have one lamp for each room!


1. When the ultraviolet light is on, people and animals are not allowed to be on the scene. to avoid prolonged exposure to the skin and eyes due to ultraviolet light
2. When killing bacteria in small space. it is recommended to seal up the air, which is conducive to in-depth and comprehensive disinfection of ozone ions
3. Keep away from children and avoid triggering the switch.
4. After exposure, ventilate the window for 30 minutes.


Note: Do not look directly at the light source before the product is turned off. This product is a special light source application product and should not be misunderstood as having disease treatment function or other chemical


Order non-ozone light tubes seperately.

UVC Germicidal Lamp with Ozone

SKU: UV-Germicidal-Lamp
  • Description


    1. Input Voltage: AC 110

    2. Light source: Quartz UV lamp

    3. IP grade: IP20

    4. Plug type: US

    5. Control: remote control

    6. Third gear timing: 15’/30’/60′

    7. Wavelength: ozone – type 185-222nm

    8. Application area:20~40㎡

    9. Application place: home, school, hotel, etc

    10. UV Power: 38W

  • Safe Use (Warning)

    When UV lights are on there should be no persons, pets or plants in the room/space.

    Never look at UV lights, tubes, etc.

    Place the unit in the proper position in a room, turn off all lights and make the room as dark as possible, set the timeer (15min, 30min, 60min., etc., based on the manufacturer's instructions, the size of the room and wattage of the UV light/s. Use the timer to activate the unit so you may exit the room before the UV lights are energized.

    When the cycle has finished, allow 15 minutes with the unit off, enter the room, relocate or remove the unit, then air out the room via windows, doors, HVAC, etc., for 15-30 minutes (Always Refer to Use & Operating Instructions).

    If or when ozone is created by a unit or a light tube or bulb (some units come with UV light tubes that produce ozone, a fresh smell in the air), ventilate the room/area for 30 minutes prior to occupancy. 

    Ozone has some pro's & con's: ionized air is attrackted to surfaces, which may help seek and destroy additional germs, however some people say that ozone can be a lung irritant or other health concern.

    The decision is yours. You must determine wether you wish to use an airpurifier or UV light that produces ozone, ionizes the air or does not.  Most units have an option wherein you may order a non-ozone lamp, however these are shipped with the ozone light version in place. Order the non-ozone light seperatly. 

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